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My affair with wife's best friend  


5/1/2010 2:30 am
This is a story that about an incident that happened three years ago. Before I narrate the story, I must tell you a bit about our house. We own a 4 bedroom colonial house with a master bedroom on a ground floor and guest and other bedrooms on the top floor. The ground floor has a living room with cathedral ceiling. From the first floor, you can view the downstairs leaving room. There is an entrance out of Living room to the patio and the swimming pool. The guest bedroom upstairs has a window with the view of the swimming pool. Beyond the swimming pool is a wooded area and there are no houses nearby.

During that summer, my wife Varsha's best friend Kavita had come to stay with us for a month. Kavita was married and worked for an Indian IT company. She had come on a business trip to Boston. Her client's office was about 10 miles distance from our house. She stayed with us so that she could save some money on hotel room. Since her workplace was on my way to office, I used to drop and pick her up. We gave our guest bedroom from upstairs to Kavita.

It was only couple of days since Kavita had come to us. Because of her very friendly nature, I formed a good friendship with her. It was a very hot Sunday. We had a barbecue dinner and after the dinner, we all were sitting and chatting by the pool. At around 9:30 in night, Kavita said that she was tired and she wished us good night and went to her bedroom. Both myself and Varsha continued sitting by the pool. Since it was a hot night, I decided to get into the swimming pool. But I didnt really want to change into swimming pants. I told Varsha that I wanted to enter the pool naked but I was worried if Kavita woke up and saw us. Varsha laughed and said, "Don't worry about Kavita. I know her well. Once she goes to bed, nothing bothers her. Even loud noises. She wont wake up until morning now". I said "good" and I removed my clothes and got inside the pool. It was very nice feeling and I told Varsha, "You should come too. Its very nice here. Also, get us some wine. We can sit here sipping wine". Varsha liked the idea. She brought wine and a couple of glasses from the bar, poured wine for both of us and and kept them on the patio so that we can reach them from the pool. Then Varsha got herself undressed and entered the pool. We were leaned against the pool's wall, my hands were around Varsha's neck and we enjoyed wine while watching the stars in the sky. It was a full moon night. In between the sips of wine,I was kissing Varsha's neck andcheeks. After a while, I kept my glass back on the patio and turned so that I was right in front of Varsha while Varsha was still standing against the wall. Her back was towards the living room entrance. After I turned towards Varsha, I came closer towards her. My whole body was rubbing against her naked and wet body. I held her face and I kissed her lips. After spending some time kissing, Varsha buried her head on my chest. That time, I just looked up, and to my surprise, Kavita was standing in the window in her room, wearing a gown. She was watching us, while her hand was squeezing her own boobs and she seemed to be rubbing herself. I was very hard to know that she was watching us. She did not realize that I saw her and I also decided to pretend that I didn't know anything.

With that excitement, I got more passionate with Varsha. And I kissed her wildly. I kissed her boobs and squeezed them. I again looked up. This time,Kavita realized that I was looking up, but then I winked at her and signaled to her that I didn't mind. She was as it is very excited and she took the cue and continued her self stimulation. This time, I got outside of the pool and laid a towel next to it on the patio. I gave my hand to Varsha to get her out of the pool and asked her to lay on the towel. I made sure that Varsha laid in such a way that she would not see the window upstairs, but Kavita would get full view of both of us. Moonlight was reflecting from Varsha's wet body. After Varsha laid on the towel, I started kissing her again. I kissed her from head to toe, with more time spent on boobs and vagina. Then I pulled the nearby chair and sat on it and asked Varsha to give me a blowjob. While Varsha was busy in sucking my erect cock, I looked up. Kavita was rubbing herself and squeezing her boobs hard. I signaled her to show me her breast. She immediately followed my request and gave me a glance of her left breast. It was a very well rounded boob with erect nipple. I was enjoying getting sucked by my wife while watching my wife's best friend's boob. Later on, I again laid Varsha on the ground and I got myself inside her. I started with soft strokes. This time, I could see that Kavita was getting closer to her climax since she was rubbing faster and squeezing her exposed boobs harder. That brought me excitement and I started stroking Varsha harder, which brought Varsha closer to the climax. After few moments, Varsha reached climax and I also reached climax and when I looked up, Kavita had left the scene. I knew she too had a climax.

Next morning, I saw Kavita at the breakfast table. She said a usual Hi to me as if nothing had happened last night. I liked that attitude and reciprocated to her. We had usual chat on the breakfast table between myself, Varsha and her. After the breakfast, we started off for work. Though Kavita seemed ok in the house, she became very quiet after getting into the car. There was a bit on uneasiness throughout the drive and we did not exchange a single word. I dropped her to her work.Without even saying bye, she got off the car and entered the office building and I drove to my work.

After I reached work, to my surprise, I saw Kavita's email in my mailbox. Kavita had expressed sorrow over her behavior in the car and that she was ashamed of what happened in the night. She was sorry for being a voyeur of her best friend. She thought she invaded our privacy to satisfy her own needs. She didn't want to loose her friendship with my wife and me. I was really moved by reading her email and I picked up the phone to call her. When she picked up, she was surprised to hear my voice. She wanted to speak to me but she had to run for a meeting. So I asked her if we could meet over lunch and she agreed. To ease the situation, I decided not to strike the topic until we had lunch. We had a quick lunch, and then got back into the car. While driving, I started the topic and told her that she should not feel so sorry. I said that if I thought she invaded our privacy, I would have reacted immediately after I saw her in the window. instead, it spiced up my sex experience and even though Varsha didn't know the reason, she was impressed with my performance last night. I looked at her. She was blushing. I continued saying that I should rather thank her for whatever happened last night. She was blushing, and she lightly slapped on my thigh said, "shut up. You are now embarrassing me" and smiled. I laughed and said, "By the way I liked what you showed me last night" and I winked at her. She continued to blush. I pulled over the car on the shoulder and looked at her and asked "You must tell me how you liked my performance last night". She looked away from me and said "No way!" I got bold and held her arm and said "Come on!". She looked in my eyes and then put her face down and said, "You were amazing" and moved her face away from me. I could see that her heartbeat was increasing. She was obviously aroused. I didn't waste any time further, lifted her face and kissed her on lips. And whispered in her ears "Try me once". She kissed me back and whispered "Will think about it. Lets go". I dropped her at work and returned to my office. In the evening, when I picked her up, she was looking very relaxed. After getting into the car, she said, "Let's not take the busy road. We will take the back-road that goes by the lake. Varsha is not expecting us early. I told her that I want to take some pictures of the lake." I nodded. When we reached the lake, Kavita asked me to pull over in an isolated picnic area. She said she wanted to take the pictures. I parked the car. After taking pictures, we returned to the car.

When I put my key into the ignition, Kavita quickly removed the keys and shoved them inside her blouse. I was startled and asked her what was happening. She smiled and said, "I wont give you the keys. Dare to take them from where they are." I got the cue. I too smiled and said, "okay, so you want me to play a game huh" and I cupped her breast."Ooh its so tight". I said. Then slowly I brought my hand towards the blouse's buttons and I unbuttoned them one by one. I could see the cleavage formed by her beautiful round shaped, firm breasts hidden under the bra. The keys were buried in there. I rolled my finger over her cleavage and reached the keys. At the same time, we heard a car approaching towards the same area. I hurriedly took the keys and started my car while Kavita buttoned herself. We decided to leave thearea for home. While I drove, Kavita rubbed my cock over my pants. It was a very pleasurable drive for me. After we reached home, I immediately ran for the bathroom and relieved myself.

That night after the dinner when we were again sitting by the pool chatting, Kavita expressed to Varsha that she wanted to try out our pool. Varsha readily agreed. But since Kavita did not have her own swimsuit, Varsha gave her spare bikinis that I had bought her just after our marriage, while Varsha wore her own swimsuit. Since Varsha was slimmer when we got married, her bikini's were a bit tight for Kavita. Her rounded breast were barely covered, with very little left to imagine how they looked. But Kavita did not mind that. Neither did Varsha. Both of them got in the swimming pool, while I continued to sit on the patio, drinking beer. While in the pool chatting with Varsha, Kavita kept on adjusting her bikini and while doing so, kept running her finger through her cleavage. I new what was going on. She was teasing me. After a while, Varsha said she had to use the bathroom and hence got off the pool. Kavita told her she still wanted to be in the pool since it was very relaxing. Varsha did not mind and left the pool for toilet. As soon as Varsha left, Kavita took of her
bikini to expose her boobs to me. Wow, what a beautiful pair of breast, wet and shining in the moonlight. It gave me an instant erection. But within minutes, she covered them with the bikini. Just after Kavita covered herself with the bikini, Varsha came back. After spending a while, we went inside the room.

After we entered the house, Varsha went to her room to take shower and Kavita went upstairs. I sat in front of the TV in the living room. Within about 5 mins, I heard Kavita calling out for me very softly. I looked up. She was standing nude in the hallway upstairs! I was again startled! I immediately got up and ran upstairs, held Kavita's hand and dragged her in her room and threw her on the bed and leaned on her to kiss her beautiful breasts. Varsha was downstairs taking shower and I could hear the running shower from upstairs. So, it was in a way very safe move for me and I could have Kavita as long as the shower downstairs was running. I knew Varsha likes long showers. It worked for me.

While I was kissing Kavita's beautiful breasts, Kavita rolled up my T shirt. I took the shirt off and pulled her close to me. Kavita's round, 34c breasts were pressed against my hairy chest. I was kissing her neck. My fingers were buried on Kavita's firm ass. My erect cock inside my pants was rubbing against Kavita's bushy pussy. Then I stared removing my pants. That time Kavita whispered in my ears "Do you have condoms?" I said no. So Kavita said, "Then please dont put it inside me. If you want I can give you a blow job and that too better than what Varsha gave you last night". I smiled. I put my pants down and sat on the edge of the bed. Kavita sat on her knees, between my legs. Then she slowly moved towards my cock. Her boobs were rubbing against my knees. Then she took her tongue out and licked my cock right from the bottom, up. She sucked my balls. Then she slowly moved up. She stroked the tip of my cock with her tongue. Then with closed lips, she kissed the opening of my cock. slowly she started gripping her lips around my cock. Once the cock-head was completely in her mouth, she circled her tongue around it and started sucking it. Oh! what a feeling. She was indeed better than her best friend. when she was sucking she made sure that her breasts were rubbing against my thighs. She was like a pro in this act. I leaned backwards with the support of my hands on the bed and started enjoying. I was also keeping an attention on the shower's noise. Varsha was still taking shower. I was sure she must be masturbating. It was Varsha's favorite activity - masturbating while in shower.

Here, I was enjoying my wife's best friend. Married to a handsome and well built guy. Her husband was much better looking and well built compared to me. I considered myself very lucky to seduce such person's wife. Now Kavita's strokes became harder. I was coming towards the climax. While sucking me, she was also fingering herself. I told her I may cum inside her. She signaled me that she was fine with that and she raised her pace. Now it was totally uncontrollable. I told her I am about to cum and before I could finish my words, I shoot my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed it all. Then I held her head and took it away from my cock. Within 4 hours time, this is the second time I was jerking off and it had become very sensitive. I put my clothes on and then held Kavita close to me and whispered in her ears "You are wonderful! Thanks" She smiled and said, "Anytime". I said "I want to get inside you next time". She said "Get the condoms then. Get the ribbed ones. I like their feel". I said "Sure baby". Then I left her in the room and got down and sat in front of the tv. I was very exhausted. I couldn't believe I had oral sex with my wife's best friend while my wife was in the house!
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5/1/2010 3:00 am

When will you post the second chapter? Good narration, any way!

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