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Brother & Sister Incest Love, Lust Story  

6/11/2010 12:37 pm
"I luv u didi, maar jaunga tumhare bina plz understand plz..."
This is story about Rahul & Sonam who were brother & sister. Rahul was 19 & Sonam was 22, they were quite close and were like best friends, sharing all secrets & computer in their house. Gradually Rahul was attaracted sexually towards her elder sister when once he saw Sonam having sex with her boss in their house when no one was there, fortunately or unfortunately Rahul came back & had seen the complete act and had captured the video of it in his mobile. He used to notice her private parts and used to think about having sex with his sister Sonam after seeing the video. Now the story is narrated by Rahul himself.
One day my parents were out of the town leaving back me & Sonam alone in the house. After some time Sonam left me and went to her friend's house nearby. Even I told that I'll go out for a movie but actually I stayed back after Sonam left the house. Being alone at home made me crazy. I was thinking nothing except, Sonam. I prepared myself, I was very nervous, but I desperately wanted to teach her a lesson. Time was around 5 when door bell rang, it was none other than my didi. When she came, I was sitting in hall and TV was on, she sat on sofa.
“did you had the lunch,” I said yes, “ how was your Sunday didi?” “It was good, but I am bit tired, and would like to take bath.” I said OK. She stood up to go to her room, “didi I have one lovely video, you will definitely like it, activate bluetooth in your handset so that I send it to you.” she turned back and handed over her mobile to me, and walked into her room,and from there she asked me how was your movie? “We did not get tickets of that movie, but luckily I saw another hardcore action movie, which was any day better than that.” “Don’t know what you guys like in action movies?” “No didi it was a wonderful movie you must see that movie, it was action movie with lot of romance in it, kind of romance you like.”
“OK” with that she walked in the bathroom with a towel, and asked me, “What was the name of the movie”. “I am copying clip of that movie to your mobile, first you tell me whether you liked the clip or not.” “OK” she replied from the bathroom. I copied that clip in her mobile through bluetooth. After some time Sonam completed her bath and came out of the bathroom.
Oh god….I opened my mouth. Sonam came out with just a towel wrapped around her body…..with water sweating hairs…..she was looking hot. The dark orange color towel on her sandal color body was giving really a hot appearance to her.
As the towel was tightly covered around her assets…her structure was making me mad. She used to give this kind of view once in a while and at those times I used to tempt to have sex with her, and now for me it was the time to do it. I handed over her mobile and she played that video in her mobile and I saw her facial expressions changing.
She was in shock and looked at me. “didi I have seen every second you have spent in your room with your boss.” She was shocked, She was ground looking now….I didn’t know whether it’s Because of shyness or shame. She didn’t meet my eye and calmly walked into the room. I followed her and when she was about to close the door, I stopped her and entered in the room and switched on the light.
She looked at me and could not speak even a word..“ Didi Today is the important date in your life…….the inaugural day of your secret….…..I mean….your boss has opened… cracked… and inaugurated…your body today…and your promotion is all depending on that…” Sonam was dying while listening my dirty comments she felt utter shame for being there….because….
She had been watched by her younger brother while she was having sex with her boss. She felt of standing there nude in front of me because her brother has already seen her in all worst conditions like showing her secret body parts & having sex with her boss. I was staring at without any hesitation. Her eyes were filled with tears and her cheeks were in red color.
“Rahul….Sorry Rahul….” She cried. “Hey….don’t cry……it’s ok…..Didi…..” I held her bare shoulders and consoled her. “Please don’t tell to parents…..please……”Sonam begged me with tear filled eyes. I saw my beautiful didi who is crying in front of me with the fear…. I hugged her and told, “Don’t worry Didi……I won’t…. now don’t cry na…” I calmed her down.
“Please forgive me Rahul…. If our parents come to know….I will lose my face…” she deplored. I strengthened my grip and hugged her tightly and I allowed her body squeezes at my chest. I held her hips in my hand and softly pressed them. Oh god…what a fantastic feeling. She was depressed that is why she did not realize that my hands are on her hips.
“Didi…don’t worry now…….” I kissed on her fore head….then her tear filled eyes…and then on her cheeks. My hands were still on her hips. Sonam was convinced now, and stopped crying and looked at me. “Thanks Rahul….many thanks…” I never saw Sonam that much closer in my life…..I pleasantly planted a deep kiss on her rosy lips.
Sonam resisted a moment and slowly understood that her hips are in my control and this time I squeezed her ass cheeks together nicely. Her mind gave an alarm. “Rahul…what are you doing….” She screamed. “I am hugging you Didi….if you want to know exactly….I am massaging your ass.”
“And not only that I am going to have sex with you didi, even I am going to loose my virginity today.” “Rahul…what are you saying….” Sonam expanded her eyes. “I dreamt for this for long years Didi…..” I told her with lust. Didi was not able to speak anything and remained silent. “You made me mad…Sonam….I want to see you nude…..”
I kissed her on her lips and opened tied towel from her body, in a moment towel was on the floor and didi was again completely nude in front of her brother. I held her breast and squeezed them with maximum power 3-4 times. She resisted. Sonam was trying to get away from me but unfortunately she did not had any choice. I held her ass cheeks and pulled her.
“Rahul….what are you doing….” she murmured. Please don’t do this to me. “Didi I have seen you doing sex with your boss Keshav, now feel, your brother making love with you” holding her tightly I started pushing her towards the bed, and in a second she was standing near the bed. “Rahul tum mere bhai ho” please Rahul matt karo….
She was standing naked and looking at me, now I was taking off my cloths. “Rahul Tu pagal ho gaya hai, main teri bahan hoon.” She tried to dominate me. “Didi agar aap chahti ho ki parents ko kuch na pata chale, to chup chap karwa lo, nahi to as you said, you will lose your face.” by this time I was totally nude in front of my sister .
As I tried to touch her, she saw me in requesting gesture and stopped my hand. “No Rahul” “Let me do this to you…..Didi” I strongly looked into her eyes. She slowly released her grip on my hand…..and I took that as her consent, rather she didn’t have any option except to give consent.
She sat on the bed slowly with closed eyes. I kissed on her lips again and touched her private body parts. I was sitting beside her, holding her waist in one hand and sucking her lips. My other hand was busy down there, playing with her body.
After a little foreplay I found her leaving her body loose…. I understood that she is turning on . I tickled her private parts for sometime and slowly she started reacting.
“Aaaaaah ssssssssh” Sonam moaned with opened mouth and closed eyes. She was not been able to control and started moaning and murmured “ Bhai please matt karo, main tumhari bahan hoon.”. She was still biased, whether to enjoy it or do it as a task and reflect that, she is not enjoying. I kissed on her neck and carried on fondling with her body.
Now I started kissing her from head to toe. Seeing this…..Sonam became hot and hotter….and moaned like hmm…... She moaned heavily & fell down on bed….showing her nude body to me..“Leave me Rahul….leave me” She was in dilemma of whether to give herself to her brother or not. I was not in a position to listen her……she was laying almost on the end of the bed, with her legs making a big M,
I was sitting on floor, I started kissing her hot shivering private parts. Sonam was in heaven and shook her legs. I loved her smell and taste and increased the speed of licking her body.
How many years I was waiting for this……thanks god….. I licked her like a hungry dog. Due to continuous licking…I struggled to breathe there….. I took my tongue and lips from her body and saw her. Sonam closed her eyes and moaned “Enough Rahul…..enough…. please now stop”
“No didi, I am going to enjoy your whole body, but not in that way as your boss did, after all I am your brother” What she thought I don’t know and she ran from there. ….I saw her curvy body from behind and I ran behind her. But she reached to the bathroom and bolted the door from inside.
I shouted from outside “I’m waiting for you….didi” “no Rahul please don’t do this, please…..” “didi this is the only way to keep your secret up to me, and you know didi, MMS has done many disasters. “ didi I promise you will enjoy every moment spent with me on bed.” “No Rahul lets do this in the night….” “No I want it right now.” “Mom and dad will be here any moment.” “No, at least not for next three hours.”
After few minutes Sonam came out of the bathroom, and went to her room…..I followed her. After reaching there… I locked the door, and looked into her eyes, she was looking on the ground, I took her face in my hands, “Didi I love you, why don’t you understand, and in any case I am not going to leave you why are you wasting time”. “No Rahul I really don’t like this act, please.” “didi if you can do this with your boss for a promotion, then why can’t with me to avoid a big trouble.” She understood that I am not going to listen anything, and she kneeled down; and obeyed me
I tickled with her long silky hairs and played with it. “Didi give me pleasure, tumne aaj apne boss ko itnaa mazza diya hai, main to tumhara bhai hoon.” “Shutup Rahul it’s a sin” she replied
“No didi, I have been waiting for this moment from a very long time.” “Now you quickly get into bed, and feel my way to love, aur bhool jaao ki hum bhai bahen hain, aur iss moment ko enjoy karo.” She was laying on bed and I was sitting between her spread legs, I lifted her legs completely and took them on my shoulders and had sex with her. Apart from the fact that I am her brother, and again and again she was trying to convince me this fact, that I should not do, she was fully enjoying this. She was moaning and puffing in pleasure and moving her body in a pleasure and many times she lifted her body to give more access of her private parts , so that I can do it harder.
When I tried a bit more harder ripping her virginity I heard a painful scream of my didi, she looked at me with anger “You Asshole” she abused me, for my deed She felt
I started giving the hard strokes. “didi I wanted to hear you in the way you screamed when your boss did this for the first time to you.” And then I continued pumping her like a slut. For me it was a most wonderful feeling of the world. Having sex with my own sister like this, it was dream come true. I knew that I will not last for long, that is why I did it in a very high speed, I wanted to listen her painful cries, and she screamed twice. Soon she was adjusted with a pain and now She was behaving like a bitch in heat and she started enjoying her brother’s love making with her
“Oh…Rahul….yes, harder , more harder….” Sonam moaned with pleasure. She pulled me and hugged me….kissed me. In the next moment….I splashed my cum inside her cave and just in second or two she met her orgasm and started shivering in pleasure. It was a wonderful view, watching her trembling while cumming. Both of us remained there on the bed, and took rest for some time. Then we got up and cleaned our self and came back to bedroom.
She tried to wear clothes, but I stopped her and took her to bed, and kissed her, she gave response to my kiss. Then I got up, and looked into her eyes, “now what.?” “Once again.” “OK.” In a moment we were turned on again & were kissing each other love organs, and it was extremely pleasurable moments, for both of us.
We were trying to give maximum pleasure to each other, and that is why we both were enjoying.” Then I got up and came on her again and kissed her again “ didi tum meri jaan ho, kabse main tumhe pana chahta tha, tumhe sabse pahle mujhse hi pyaar karna chahiye but you needed a promotion.” She was listening and looking in my lusty eyes.
Till then and I was fully erect. She was lying on her back, and I was partially on her “didi oolti hoker let jaao.” “What?” she could not understand what I am saying, so I turned her on her stomach and squeezed her ass cheeks. “didi lets do it one more time alaag posture main“
“No Rahul….its painful…no….” She refused. “ Didi jad tum apne boss ka pura khayal rakh sakti ho, to mera kyun nahi.” “Bhai please mujhe pain hai, fir kabhi kar lena, abhi pehle wale posture main kar le…plz nahi to dard se main maar jaungi….plz bhai aaj nahi.” she was begging me to leave her , but I was not in my senses. I needed her desperately.
“didi main bahut dheere dheere karunga, I know tumhare boss ne tumhe bahut buri tarah ragda tha, I will do it slowly.” she didn't had any choice, so she started co-operating and lifted her lower body, I placed two pillows under her stomach to rest her back in air and streached her legs.
After some time I started kissing & licking her body & then after 5 odd minutes we started having sex in a different posture. Didi was enjoying the unlimited pleasure she was getting from her brother and her body was completely in my control. “I was waiting for this for years….Didi….” I moaned and licked her from down to upward.. “Oh…yess…. “My Didi spoke in pleasure. I increased the speed of squeezing and licking her. She hissed in pleasure. I was going crazy, I buried my face inside her body.“
“Oh….mmmaaaaaaaa……aaaaaaa……oooohssh Rahul……..Stupid…… kya kar raha hai apni bahen ke sath” Sonam heavily moaned with pleasure and shook her body violently. She was moaning continuously. “Bhai….aaaaaah……maaaaaaa…” she moaned again with the pleasurable pain. I got up and I started kissing her lips very hard. Didi requested again “bhai please dheere se karna, bahut dard hota hai,nahi toh mujhe baardasht nahi hoga main zor se chillah dungi.” “don’t worry didi, I will try not to hurt you.”
But as predicted after 5-7 mins of the act she screamed. “Rahul…what are you doing…no!!!!!….Bhai Please mujhe dard ho raha hai.” “bhai please dheere.... dheere... please dheere...AAAAHHHH” she was almost crying.
“didi bas ho gaya, yes..... yes..... yessss.....didi ahhhhh” with few more very powerful strokes I cummed in her. We were again breathing very heavy, and lying there for some time. I talked to my parents; they were less than an hour away from home. We got up and took bath and dressed up.
We both were hungry and we did not had any preparations for dinner, so we ordered pizza and by the time pizza came parents were home. We had dinner and my parents slept around 11:00 as they were tired because of same day up and down journey. I knocked didi’s door, she opened the door, and got back to the bed. I bolted the door from inside and took her in my arms.
Although she enjoyed having sex with me, but she was angry with me, “sorry didi…” “Rahul you are an ass hole. You have pained me a lot. Baas ab tum mujh se kabhi baat mat karna” “But didi you enjoyed na…” I asked her with a smile. She smiled but then continued her anger. “didi actually I saw your boss with you like, I was really very angry on you, and you know anybody would have gone mad, after watching, his sister’s love making session like that….. I am really sorry didi.” “I was not able to control myself when I got the chance of have sex with my dream lady today.” Finally she smiled and hugged me; I was forgiven by her. I tried to kiss her, initially she resisted but in few seconds she responded to my kiss and we kissed each other like true lovers.
Then I became a bit emotional and said “I love you didi. Main tumhare bina maar jaunga, jaanta hun yeh paap hai par main majboor hoon”. She said “Naughty boy I am your sister.” She slapped me with love on my cheek. And said “Rahul you were really good in the bed, pehle toh mujhe bura laaga tha par now I think I’ll think about you”. To which I said “Sachi Didi you are an absolute sweetheart “. Sonam said teasingly “Rahul tune apni behan ki izzat lut li hai” and laughed, to which I smiled and suddenly she gave me a French kiss on my lips and said “Tum bahoot sweet ho bhai……..I think I’m falling in love with you” and she quickly covered her face with a pillow. Then I pulled the pillow and said “Thank you didi, kya main aap ko kuch aur bula saakta hun didi ke siwa”
She smiled and hugged me and kissed me on my lips. “Rahul , tum mujhe akele me Sonam bula saakte ho, ya phir darling sweetheart kuch bhi.” Now Sonam became a bit serious and said “Actually I am worried about my boss, he is an animal and I am confused, I have to go to his place on next Sunday, or whatever I have done for my promotion will go waste.” I knew that she has this problem, and I had a solution of this problem too.
I showed her one video which was clipped from the main video, in which her boss was visible and didi’s face and features were clipped. I gave her that video and told her to blackmail him. She seemed nervous but I convinced her that nothing will happen. Then I said “Sonam kya aaj jo humne kiya who hum hamesha kar saakte hain, with your consent, main aap ko black mail nahi karunga”, to which she replied “Gaanda Baccha, lagta hai tu mujhe maa bana ke chodega……..Actually I loved it Rahul par pata nahi main nahi jaanti”. She took my proposal and after some time I took a leave from her room.
I remember time was between 2 and 2:30, I was just slept and I realized that somebody is sitting beside me. It was didi; she was moving her hand on my forehead with love and care. I got up, “didi aap yahan, at this time, I looked at my mobile. “Your didi is here with her consent”, I was pleasantly surprised. I took her in my arms and we kissed each other like true lovers.
It was beautiful feeling, I realized that making love to a girl with her consent is mush more pleasurable. We were on the bed…..she was on me and kissing my lips. Her precious body was resting on my chest. The heat was on in both of our bodies….and we were hugging…. Rolling and kissing each other.
I lifted her nighty till her naval. Her navel was looking gorgeous, deep and round. I became mad in that moment itself…. I licked her navel with lust. I completely took her navel in my mouth and sucked it. Her deep navel can hold a big lemon….. It was looking so sexy because of the fat surrounded her navel. Sonam enjoyed the pleasure when her navel got teased by me.
I inserted my tongue inside her navel and mad fully licked. I cannot forget that night. I took off her clothes one by one and licked her body inch by inch…..her hair to toes….
We were rolling on the bed, hugging each other tightly. I spent most of the time in fondling with her body. Then suddenly she was turned on & said “Kya hua Taarzan thak gaya kya”. I said “Haan mujhe actually guilty feel ho raha hai”. Sonam said “Kaas tum mere bhai nahi hote , pata nahi tum ne aisa kya kar diya hai mujhe main akele room main reh nahi paayi” and kissed me as if she is my girlfriend. Then she started crying and said “Rahul I love you baachpan se paar main kya karun” I said “Don’t cry Sonam”. She said “Kya tum aisa kuch nahi kar saakte ki main hamesha ke liye tumhari ho jaaun”. I was touched by these words. Then we cursed our destiny to be brother & sister, Sonam told all about her sensual points and I was caring her like her husband. We don’t know how the time went…. She left my room around 4:30 because our mom usually wakes up at 5:00.
Next day when she came from office, she told me that my idea clicked, and now her boss is in her control. Thereafter we fucked many times, initially our relation started because of my lust, jealousy and anger, but after around six months of physical relation we are deeply in love with each other, and She became the precious to me and we are in heaven and found the new world of love and lust together.
Sometimes when a question of her marriage comes, we get depressed because we love each other and cannot think of anybody. Unless Life is wonderful…..for the person like me who is in love with his sister and when his sister loves him equally, life is paradise.

Now all the readers plz let me know ur comments and thoughts about this incest story

"Living is easy with your eyes closed..."-mrsmart2000
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6/12/2010 5:17 pm


You had invited me over mail to check your blog and invited comments. I don't know how to put it politely or delicately, and I don't know whether you will allow my comment to stand.

But frankly speaking, this post was a big turn-off for me, personally. I just cannot imagine what could have prompted you to pen this post, so soon after joining IFF, and that too for public display, on a blog space afforded by a friendship site such as IFF.

If you are not already aware then you should know that incest is a taboo in most civilized societies. Besides, it is quite illegal in India too. I would strongly suggest that you delete this post, quickly. Barring maybe a few, most blog readers on IFF are surely going to develop obnoxious feelings for your posts quite soon if you maintain this vein in your writings.

Let me tell you a story of another very smart-assed boy who would be quite similar to you in age. About 9-10 years ago, during his ICSE examinations from a well-reputed school at Kolkata, he wrote an essay on incest with his sister for his English paper. The essay shocked the lady paper examiner so much that she reported it to the Council authorities. And a few days before the ICSE results were to be published, this young boy was formally arrested by the cops after official complaints were filed by the Council in consultation with the school authorities.

Needless to say, the arrested boy was NOT freed on bail. He was first remanded to a juvenile home till he was an adult, and then shifted to a regular prison. His trial went on for years, much longer than the expected imprisonment for publicly espousing incest, even if it was for his ICSE English paper which was not really a public document legally. And throughout the initial trials, he was brazen about the whole episode ... till his sister and mother committed suicide a few months off from each other. His father, a successful corporate executive, never regained face in society or his family circles till he too passed away, grief-stricken. None of his relatives ever came to visit him at his home or at the prison later, and none came to support him in the courtrooms too.

That is also not the end of the story. It seems that the local cops who used to transport him from the juvenile home to the courts were so incensed at his attitude and behaviour in court, and his espousal of his incestuous relationship at that age, that they — quite illegally though — took pleasure at mauling and maltreating specific areas of his genitals so viciously that he would never be able to regain the full use or pleasures later as an adult. All his cries of complaints then fell on deaf ears; he got sympathy neither from the judge, the court officers, the home authorities, the media, or anyone else.

So, in conclusion, it seems to me that some thoughts, if they occur, are better left for private musings and not discussed outside one's head at all. Far better, if I may suggest, is to go in for professional psychiatric counselling to stop or divert such thoughts into other meaningful and creative activities. Making healthy friendships, and respecting relationships, could be one of them.

Please think this out carefully.


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6/13/2010 12:24 am

I see that you have replied. Let me not get into the points you have tried to make, as you need serious help.

I would strongly recommend you visit a professional psychiatrist or psychologist as soon as possible, at least once. Open out to them, and please believe them in what they say or ask you to follow. You could also start by confiding to, if not your parents, any older relative, friend, or acquaintance. Or even your family GP.

From a distance, I can only assure you that you are fairly normal and, as you said, lead a normal life. Only some kinks in your "practical approach to life" may need smoothening out. You'll feel much more comfortable and confident in your life after that.

Believe me, and give it a try. Email me when you have done so.

Good wishes, and good luck.

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